These are my two dogs, Bosco and Bella. Bosco is seven and Bella is five. They are loving, dorky, and cute. They never fail to make me laugh. It’s always fun to take a break and go outside with them to throw the ball or chase them around the yard. They love to run and will chase each other (and me!) until they tire themselves out.

They are also big cuddle bugs (which isn’t quite so much fun in the summer!) and will cuddle with me on the couch whenever I sit down. Sometimes, Bosco will even whine and bark if he feels that I haven’t sat on the couch enough for his liking. One of his favorite things to do is to tuck his head right underneath my chin and rest his head on my chest while I pet him. Bella isn’t quite as affectionate, but she really likes to tuck her nose against my leg whenever I am sitting down. They’re both just so cute and I love them very much!