This poem was written as part of a Creative Writing class in the Spring of 2019. It was later published in INK, Woodland Community College’s literary arts magazine.

I’m awake
It’s dreary and cold
I’m awake
The Sun is covered by clouds
I’m awake
Blunt purple crocuses break through a sea of glittering white
I awaken
I awaken and take Winter’s hand
To gently guide Her back to Her room
Step by step
Step by step
Until the door is closed
The Sun greets Me
And I smile up at Her
We haven’t seen each other in so long!
“How I’ve missed you,” She whispers
As the world thaws
Birds of every shape and size
Find their way home
Under My watchful eye
To sing their cheery songs once more
Buds burst
Leaves and flowers unfurl with a single touch
To fill the world with color and fragrance
Bees hum lazily in the late afternoon
Stopping to kiss every flower
That strikes their fancy
I am happy
Right where I am supposed to be
As I clutch newborns of all kinds to my chest
Before releasing them into the bright new world
Soon My Sister will come to lead Me away
And the Sun will greet Her favorite friend
But for now
The world
And all the beauty in it
Is Mine